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Sorry, registration is now closed for 2017.

Do you have an idea for a tech startup but don't know how to code?

Join us for Entrepreneurship Hack Day and bring your startup to life through a presentation, prototype, and pitch.

Entrepreneurship Hack Day exists to show entrepreneurs that they can be a part of tech innovation without knowing how to code. Our goal is to empower the non-technical community with the tools, resources, and mentorship to be an active part of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Over the course of 12 hours, you'll:

1) Form a team | network and collaborate with like-minded people who will help you bring the idea to life 

2) Ideate and brainstorm | think up every crazy idea possible, collaborate, and narrow it down

3) Prepare a business plan | identify the problem you're solving, who your customer is, and how to monetize 

4) Design a prototype | visually communicate your solution through a working prototype using some of the best tools in the industry

5) Get mentorship | meet with industry experts to help you with your pitch, business model, and design

6) Prepare a presentation | you'll have up to 10 slides and 90 seconds to showcase the work you've done in the past 12 hours

7) Pitch to a panel of judges | notable founders who can help validate your idea 

*Successful teams will take home over $10,000 worth of prizes. All participants will leave with over $300 worth of free startup tools. 



- Top two teams: iPad Air (8)
- Amazon.com Gift Certificate (4)
- $3,500 worth of App-Scoop development services for 1st
- $1,500 worth of App-Scoop development services for 2nd
- $750 worth of App-Scoop development services for 3rd



Your registration includes lunch, beverages, and snacks.


About the Organizers

This event is being run by the Foundation for Economic Education in collaboration with ProtoHack, an organization that helps people with amazing ideas get the mentorship, training, and validation they need so that they can further pursue their ideas as real-world businesses. ProtoHack hosted 50+ events in 2016 for over 10,000 attendees.